Together we can Change the World.​

Don't just give Charity. Gift Change.

Change starts even at Rs. 500

The act of kindness transforms you.

Gift change is a platform for change makers, it brings you an opportunity to participate in solving worlds problems and not just be a mute spectator. We bring best of the NGO Partners that are doing some phenomenal work for their chosen social cause, you can now become a partner in these initiatives. Select the Cause that you care for, Choose the NGO partner or Project you want to participate in and decide the format of contribution from Gifting Money, Gifting Time of Gifting Knowledge or do it all.

Our partnership advantage :

  • We bring only Registered, Screened & Authentic NGO Partners

  • Choose your Cause and you get multiple choice of Projects to contribute

  • Track how your money used, get Impact Report for the Project you contributed.

  • Your Giving Dashboards keeps track of all your Givings and Impact Reports

  • Access your Donation & Tax Benefit Receipts anytime and have it at all at one place.

  • Gift as Anonymous / self / kids / family / friends name. 

  • Schedule your gifting time. Select occasion/important days. 

  • Choose your format of gift from Money, Time, Knowledge or All.

3 Formats of Gifting Change.

Dhan Seva

Gift your share of wealth back to the world. You have the power to change.

Samay Seva
(Gift Time)

Gift your Time and help by being a volunteer for a cause campaign.

Gyan Seva
(Gift Services)

Gift Services to promote and support Gift Change Campaign.

About Gift Change

Gift Change is a 'Social Change' movement that brings NGOs, Donors and Companies together to bring measurable change to the world. We are a singular platform which gives you access to all social causes of the world.

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